Cu-MgO Composites

Metal matrix composites reinforced with ceramic particles can be interesting for a range of applications due to their strength performance at high temperatures and a relatively low thermal expansion potential.
Manufacturing of Cu-MgO composites critically requires that the raw materials have a very high level of purity (99.5-99.9%) to achieve the desired manufacturing results. Continue reading

Semi-Solid Rheocasting of Alumina Alloys: Part One

Aluminum is well established at the front of the pack with regards to providing the technological answer to the increasing challenges of light weighting whilst maintaining integrity of the material for the desired applications.
Semi solid rheocasting is a development within the casting sector which enables improved quality in die casting without increasing cost. Continue reading

Twin Roll Casting of Mg Alloys

The twin roll casting method offers huge time and cost savings in comparison to traditional processes as it focusses on creating strip materials directly from liquid alloys.
Through the study of twin rolled magnesium microstructures it can be clearly seen that the finished product structure is uniform, significantly refined, and almost equiaxed throughout the cross section.

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AlMg Alloys: Part Two

In recent times there has been an ever increasing need for lightweight materials with increased strength to help meet tighter deadlines relating to cost savings.
Al-Mg alloys can offer excellent solutions for these requirements by exhibiting favorable formability, high strength and high strain hardening ability offering not only strong finished product but stable.

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AlMg Alloys: Part One

AlMg alloys have a wide range of advantageous characteristics which means they can be used in many different applications, with many being in extreme temperatures or other aggressive environments.
A prime example of such materials can be seen in the 5xxx series of alloys which display excellent corrosion resistance in combination with very good mechanical properties to cope in the harshest conditions such as marine environments.

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