TRIPLEX alloys are one of two main groups of high manganese steels, the other being the well known TWIP group of materials with the main differences between the groups being the aluminum and silicon content of the material. TRIPLEX materials possess a lower density in combination with high strength and plasticity which means they are excellent candidates to increase safety in vehicle crash scenarios. Continue reading

Slag-Metal Reactions During Welding: Part Two

As the steel technologies have increased the possibilities to make new and improved materials with excellent mechanical and corrosion properties, the need for matching advancements in weld properties has become increasingly apparent. Slag-melt reactions particularly relating to Cr and Si hold some key information for driving these improvements.

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Hot Tearing of Magnesium Alloys

Magnesium is becoming an increasingly important material in the aerospace and automotive industries due to its low density, high resistance properties and ability to meet ever increasing targets to lower vehicle mass. Hot tears or basically cracks can occur when mush zones are separated from incoming liquid metal or when there is a uniaxial tensile load applied to the mushy region of the cast. Continue reading

Critical Crack Tip Opening Displacement (CTOD) Testing: Part One

Crack tip opening displacement is widely used and quite specific in that it is the only standardized test that covers all fracture behaviors that occur between the extremes associated with the stress intensity factor K and J-integral tests. CTOD in relation with component load gives the opportunity to determine the crack driving force in the vicinity of the crack tip. Continue reading